1 year ago, you know, I don't really know what I draw until I see it
1 year ago, whatever will bewilder me
1 year ago, face melt. a friend suggested this would be ideal for a sludge/doom poster or cover art
1 year ago, that has been a very creative psychedelic double feature for me
1 year ago, oddity, drawn at a psychedelic music festival
1 year ago, follow the line, see where it takes ya
1 year ago, unhappy boy
1 year ago, heads. devil, t-shirt dwarf and potato head
1 year ago, heads
1 year ago, girls head
2 years ago, random oddities
2 years ago, scared or sceptical
2 years ago, total luck shot. I know I couldn't do this if my life depended on it, so there is delight when it happens
2 years ago, heads
2 years ago, heads
2 years ago, girls
2 years ago, heads
2 years ago, Marcel Gein at Kaos Skola 2016
2 years ago, John Allen at Kaos Skola 2016
3 years ago, random sketches that turned out well enough
4 years ago, head
4 years ago, sneaky drawing of some girl I met in a special place
4 years ago, centered
4 years ago, first drawing in a small hand-bound sketchbook I acquired in Bayonne, France
4 years ago, devil. those scribbely-scabbely lines that are too much fun
5 years ago, viking